Student Eligibility - PCS School Board Policy

What are the alternative credit options approved by the Putnam County School Board?

Current board policy concerning eligibility for VITAL and other alternative credit options is below.

Descriptor Code: 4.209

Rescinds: 4.209 Issued Date: 05/07/09

Alternative Credit Options

In addition to regular classroom-based instruction, students may earn high school credits through any one or a combination of the following options as described below:


High school students may also earn high school credits to be applied toward graduation requirements by completing on-line courses offered through the Putnam County Schools Virtual Instruction to Accentuate Learning (VITAL) program and agencies accredited by official agencies and approved by the Board. The director shall annually determine tuition rates for virtual on-line courses and make them known and available by the beginning of each school year.

As determined by board policy, students applying for permission to take a virtual course shall complete prerequisites and provide teacher/counselor recommendations to confirm the student possesses the maturity level needed to function effectively in an on-line learning environment. In addition, the express approval of the principal/designee shall be obtained before a student enrolls in a virtual course. The school must receive an official record of the final grade as well as interim progress reports before credit toward graduation will be recognized.

Through a supervision plan, the school shall be responsible for providing appropriate supervision and monitoring of students taking virtual courses. All virtual courses must be credentialed by a recognized authority.

High school students may also complete credits through Credit Recovery. Credit Recovery is a technology based remediation program, which combines a student's original failing grade of 50-69 with step by step instruction, tutorial, computer lab, practice and mastery tests. Assigned remediation and tasks must be completed to satisfaction or student will not receive credit.

High school students may earn, through other approved agencies to include, but not limited to, correspondence, academic credit to be applied toward graduation requirements. Only two (2) units may be earned during any one (1) school year. Only courses offered by agencies and institutions accredited by official agencies recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education and not offered by PCS VITAL will be accepted.

The express approval of the principal/designee shall be obtained before the course is taken. The principal/designee and the student will agree on a reasonable date for completion of the correspondence course(s). The student shall not be allowed credit if the course is not completed by the agreed date. An official record of the final grade must be received by the school before a diploma may be issued to the student. Under ordinary circumstances, students or their parents/guardians shall pay for approved correspondence courses the student chooses to take.

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