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Summer Sanders Student of the Month

Summer Sanders is only one of Upperman High School's VITAL Students of the Month.

Thinking of taking an online class? See what our students are saying. . . .

"I am loving the class. It is a lot easier once you get used to it. Thanks so much for this opportunity and I really appreciate it."
Merci, - 2009

"I ask A LOT of questions, and my teacher has answered them all..."
Nichole, - 2009

"My instructor was very capable of helping all of us, telling us what we had to do, and giving us the individual attention we needed with things, etc."
Jesse, - 2009

"It's going great. I actually am enjoying this, learning more, and doing better than I did in the classroom."
Lillian, - 2008

Welcome Students!

If you choose to take an online class, you will be joining thousands of students across the country who are taking courses online. Online courses allow you to work around a busy schedule, take courses that aren't currently offered at your school, recover a credit if you're behind and want to graduate on time, earn credit at an accelerated pace to graduate early, earn dual enrollment credits to begin college work early, and try a new way of learning that is different from the traditional classroom.

Online classes are similar to traditional classes in that you will have a "real" teacher, read and work on assignments, interact with other students and your teacher, complete assignments, conduct experiments, meet deadlines, and study for tests.

How is it different? You'll do most of this online. You probably won't ever meet your online instructor fact to face but he/she is a real person. Instead you will use e-mail, online discussions, and phone conversations during virtual office hours to ask questions or get help.

Most courses feature interactive multimedia and provide instant feedback on many assignments. It's a wonderful and exciting way to learn! Students who take online courses say it helps build their confidence, their skills, and generally increases their motivation to learn.

Please consider the amount of work time required prior to enrolling in an online course. Courses typically require approximately 8-10 hours of work per week during a Fall or Spring term. Half credit and recovery courses are designed to require approximately 72-90 hours of work, and full credit courses are designed to require approximately 144-180 hours of work. Online courses are a different and exciting way to learn but they are not the "easy" way to earn credits.

Before you register for an online course, you must first meet with your guidance counselor to determine if the course you are interested in will meet your needs and help you move toward graduation.

Once you have determined that an online course or courses will meet your needs, follow these steps:

  • Check the calendar on the home page to find out the deadlines for each school term.
  • Check the list of available courses and the time frame to complete the course.
  • Check the course description and the list of required materials.
  • Talk to the Onsite Facilitator in your school. They are listed along with phone numbers and email addresses on the Contact Us page.
  • Set up an account in Genius, our Student Information System. You must complete all the information requested and make sure it is accurate.
  • After your application is approved, you can submit a course request in Genius. Click HERE for the list of summer school courses.
  • Your Onsite Facilitator will collect any fees due and then approve your course.
  • You and your parents must read and agree to abide by the VITAL Academic Integrity Policy and the VITAL Code of Conduct.
  • After you are enrolled in your course, you will be required to attend an orientation at your school to help get you started and be successful in your course.

I think you will find the courses you take in this program will be challenging, exciting, and excellent preparation for your future.

If I can assist you in any way, please e-mail, call, or make an appointment to come see me in my office located at White Plains Academy.

Virtual Learning Coordinator
Sam Brooks
Office Location: VITAL Office
@ White Plains Academy
(Old Algood Middle School)
288 E. Main Street
Algood, TN 38506
Office Hours: 8 am - 4 pm, M-F
Phone: (931) 528-2176

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